Ignite Graduate Program

Our comprehensive two-year Ignite Graduate Program will provide a robust foundation for your career in construction. Working closely with senior management and specially selected mentors you’ll be immersed in a live project environment right from the start.

You’ll experience a wide range of civil construction projects: from large community projects, to even larger city-defining infrastructure projects. And over the course of the program you’ll develop a strong understanding of how different departments, clients and contractors work collaboratively to deliver exceptional outcomes. You’ll also have opportunities to build on your knowledge from a wide range of external training organisations, all with the aim of helping you get ahead.

A wide range of experiences await you.

As well as hands-on experience on live projects, your structured formal training will develop your skills across a wide range of departments – not just broadening your knowledge, but helping you identify and polish the areas in which you excel.

The Symal Journey

Your journey starts with your induction into our Ignite Graduate Program. You’ll start work on one or more of the program units and we’ll work with you to decide the best way to integrate them into your live project work.

In no time you’ll be one of the family, with ongoing support from your mentor as well as meeting the Symal senior leadership team at a graduate welcome lunch.

Personal development units

Every graduate joining Symal has a different set of skills and experiences. Our Ignite Graduate Program will introduce you to a number of core units. A mix of formal training, assessments and activities, each unit is designed to help you develop your competencies, and ensure all graduates have the same level of understanding.

You’ll usually be working on several units at the same time, especially as some are linked to live project work, and can depend on the stages a specific project is at.

Anyone can be a stakeholder in a project – from customers, partners, investors or governments, to members of the community and traditional landowners. Their influence can have positive, and negative, effects on any project, so it’s important to engage them in a positive way, to manage their expectations, demands or feedback.

Time management is a critical component of project management. Programming is a process/tool used in construction to help teams manage time, sequencing activities and allocating resources on a project.

Civilex provides an in-house survey department who offers spatial and construction survey services for all our projects. The survey team is involved in the project from initial works to practical completion.

Procurement is the engagement of subcontractors and suppliers required to deliver a project. It’s crucial to successful project delivery, with financial wins or losses, often determined in the procurement phase.

Contracts and their management are a key success factor of any project, affecting areas from quality of work, outcomes, and relationships, to risk management and finances. Contract management includes activities performed after a contract has been awarded, and the monitoring and assessing of how well we’re performing to meet its requirements.

Estimating is at the forefront of an organisation’s success. This core function establishes the foundation of our projects and has direct influence on project outcomes – there’s a fine balance between risk management and maintaining market competitiveness. Through the tendering process, an estimator gains a full understanding of a project, visualising the task in hand and helping us quickly scope a proposal.

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The application process

Our Ignite Graduate Program offers a great career foundation for graduates from a diverse range of fields. All you need is a passion for the construction industry and the ability to demonstrate leadership, drive and determination, team commitment, attention to detail, time management, interpersonal skills, adaptability and flexibility, resilience and respect.

Applications are now open for the 2021 Ignite Graduate Program intake, with applications closing 20 April 2020. Successful applicants will officially join our Ignite Graduate Program the February after graduation.

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