Building. Better Together.

Our foundations

Driving change in the construction industry through collaboration and innovation.

Our history

Symal derives from the Latin word 'Simul', meaning together. From that first project two decades ago to the jobs of tomorrow, our best work is always done as a collective. We are driving change in the construction industry through collaboration and innovation.


Where it all started - entrepreneurship

With a shovel, a wheel burrow, and a ute, our founder, Joe Bartolo, went out on his own and started on a journey with a newly formed business called Classic Creations, a hard and soft landscaping business working in the residential market.


Scaling up - new markets

Evolving from landscaping to concrete paving and structural concrete work for private clients and large residential builders, we strived for excellence from the beginning.


Setting up structure - Conset

Born from bold ambitions and strong partnerships in Melbourne, Australia, Conset launched. Ever since, we've engineered advanced construction solutions that enable our ideas to take place.


Modern foundations - Civilex

Rapid growth calls for expansion. We founded Civilex (now Symal Infrastructure), our leading self-performing infrastructure business that has delivered some of Australia's biggest civil projects.


Innovative industry expertise - Directors

On a steep growth trajectory, it was time to provide additional support for our leadership team. We've always known the power in collaboration between experts and so we appointed our Group Board of Directors.


Fueling success - Advisory Board

To inspire growth within Symal, we formed an Advisory Board, creating a strong foundation for our future success.


Bigger and better - Grampians Excavations (now Unyte)

Recognising an exciting opportunity to become one of Australia's leading plant and equipment suppliers, we acquired with Grampians Excavations to enhance our fleet management and bulk earthworks capability.


Paving meaningful pathways - Wamarra

Creating a more inclusive and meaningful future for construction has always been front of mind for our group. Together with Hayden Heta, a proud Aboriginal man of the Wiradjuri Nation, we proudly launched Wamarra.


Building. Better. Together. - Symal Group

The official unification of our construction companies under Symal Group aligned decades of experience, diverse skillsets and geographic advantages. Together, we bring ambitious visions to life.


Bridging gaps - Bridge and Civil

We acquired Bridge and Civil, enhancing our reach in NSW and complex bridgeworks capabilities. Together, we bring decades of focused expertise to deliver critical infrastructure to communities.


Agile civil solutions - Symal Contractors

We launched Symal Contractors to provide dynamic construction solutions in the greater Victoria region. Heading back to our roots, our broad team of specialists mobilise rapidly for unique regional projects.


Focused on the future - Sycle

Recognising the need to protect our finite resources, Sycle was established from a desire to create a more sustainable industry. We've reenvisioned the construction supply chain and the way waste is treated.


Breaking new ground - Unyte

We consolidated our expansive fleet and engineering expertise by merging Grampians Excavations and Symal Solutions. With a united footprint across Australia, we rapidly respond to emerging project needs.

Our latest news

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