Our influence

Shaping a more sustainable, considered and inclusive future for construction.

A better tomorrow

We're lucky to do the work we do, and it's important to us that we deliver positive change in the communities and environments we work in.


in our workforce

Our team is growing rapidly in size, diverse experiences and skillsets.


Program participants

Upskilling our people through learning and development programs.


Indigenous support

Consistently building our capacity to provide meaningful career pathways.


Social procurement

We're invested in creating social value and sustainable benefits.


People are the core of Symal. We take the responsibility of providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming work environment very seriously. For us, this starts with creating meaningful employment pathways for Indigenous people as well as partnering with socially responsible businesses.

We walk the walk, consistently exceeding the goals set by our clients and the government for Indigenous participation and social procurement. We're proud to provide impactful opportunities and career progression for Indigenous people, and support for local and diverse contracting.

When it comes to inclusion, this is just the beginning.


Environmental and sustainability considerations are more than just a check box for us. We're fundamentally different in our approach, and our specialist teams ensure we're leading the industry when it comes to the construction of clean energy.

From project selection to material procurement, we're focused on delivering outcomes that have a sustainable legacy. Our group size also puts us a cut above by allowing us to create an impactful circular construction economy. This means we can freely generate and repurpose materials between our teams, projects and locations.

Our focus is always on creating less waste and more impact.

Community support

We're not just building infrastructure; we're building better communities. As well as solutions that are focused on the needs of current and future generations, we're also paving a path of opportunity for people across Australia.

With a nationwide footprint, we're uniquely positioned to collaborate with local communities, creating job opportunities for regional contractors and suppliers on our projects. We extend this support to local grassroots organisations and remain committed to nurturing future talent through our graduate and student programs, ensuring a bright future in construction.

We're in the business of building legacies, and that starts with empowering people.

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