Ready to light up your career? Join our immersive graduate program.

A solid foundation for your future

The best way to get stuck into a career in construction is by getting hands on. That's where our postgraduate program, Ignite, really shines.

This immersive experience pairs graduates like you with industry experts, providing you with a 360° overview of the world of construction. From live sites to behind-the-scenes planning, we'll equip you with the knowledge and practical skills you need to light up the industry. 

Your Symal journey

Ready to kick off your future in civil construction? Our tailored program will guide you through the ins and outs of the industry, launching you into a career you'll love.

You'll start off with a lunch with our leadership team, before meeting your personal mentor. With their support, you'll get exposure to the end-to-end nature of our business. This includes:

Managing people

Stakeholders can make or break a project. We'll teach you the foundations, from their key interests to contractual requirements.

Project programming

Timeliness is critical in our industry. Discover how programming helps teams easily time, plan out activities and allocate resources.


Construction estimates can win or lose a project. Set your foundations by understanding the contractual requirements and variations of a project.


Understand survey models and learn survey set out and quality assurance requirements for delivery of projects.

Contract management

Identify and understand practical implications of key contractual rights and obligations to reduce exposure to contractual risk.


Learn how to procure a package for materials or subcontract works and issue subcontract or supply agreements.

Health and safety

Develop project specific HSEQ skills and documents and implement management plans to manage safety on site.

Financial management

Understand the costs involved in a project, how to manage them and identify financial risks and opportunities.

How to apply

Applications open in February each year for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in Australia or New Zealand in the last two years.
  • Apply online

    Submit your application through our careers portal. You can stand out by highlighting why you chose Symal to help you ignite your career in construction.
  • Let's chat

    Time to talk details. If we're a good match, we'll reach out to talk more about how you'd fit into the Symal team.
  • Put to the test

    We'll invite you to our graduate assessment centres, where you'll work through some engaging problem solving challenges with fellow Ignite applicants.
  • Face to face

    Next step, come by the office and meet some of our leaders for an interview. This is your chance to ask any specific questions you have about the program and working at Symal.
  • Crossing the t's

    The last touchpoint before sealing the deal, we'll reach out to your references and organise any other relevant pre employment checks.
  • Welcome to the team!

    We'll give you a call to share the good news, and follow up with a formal letter of appointment. Between here and your first day on the job we'll provide you with resources through our onboarding platform to make sure you've got everything you need to make it yours and ignite your career.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions we get asked about our Ignite program.

While Ignite is geared towards engineering graduates, we invite graduates in business management, safety, quality and environmental studies, human resources, accounting, law and other shared services like marketing and IT to apply.

Whatever your qualification, what you’ll need most is a passion for construction.

At Symal, we’re all about our people. We’re looking for team players and progressive thinkers who can communicate their ideas and passions while developing their industry knowledge.

If you've got heart and determination and aspire to be a future leader in the construction industry, we want you to help us build better, together.

We try not to drag things out. Our team reviews all applications manually and for some roles, this can take some time so please be patient. You can keep updated on your application by checking your candidate profile online.

You can reach out to our very helpful Talent Acquisition Team by emailing recruitment@symal.com.au

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