The Heath - Stage 5

Project completion November 2023
Location Langwarrin, VIC
Client Earthpro
Sectors Subdivision , Health, Community infrastructure

Unyte commenced construction on The Heath - Stage 5 with the aim of meeting the goals and standards of the client and stakeholders, including Frankston City Council and Melbourne Water. The scope of works included various aspects such as environmental management, earthworks, and underground service installations.

Environmental measures were taken with the removal of trees and larger vegetation and the placement of 2km of silt fencing to prevent runoff.

The installation of underground services was a large part of the scope of work, covering sewer, stormwater, water, electrical, and communications systems, including property connections and infrastructure such as inspection shafts and maintenance chambers.

While challenges arose from dealing with unsuitable subgrade, necessitating additional excavation and material import, leading to program delays, Unyte successfully completed the project three weeks ahead of schedule, demonstrating effective management and execution.

  • Unyte
  • | Civil construction
  • | Subdivision
  • | Health
  • | Community infrastructure

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