Resource recovery

Remanufacturing construction and industrial waste to deliver better project outcomes, for our clients and the environment.

A better business model

We’re leading the way in creating an earth-friendly future for construction by investing in innovative sustainability solutions, such as using high-quality clean tech materials to reduce our CO2 emissions. Together, we can create a cleaner future.

We can provide:

  • Specialised waste recycling plant and equipment 

  • Sustainable waste management and remediation 

  • High-quality recycled materials 

Investment in innovation

Sustainability isn’t a buzz word for us, it’s a commitment to our future. We’ve invested heavily in our unique mobile plant, dedicated fleet and state-of-the-art recycling facilities. 

Recognising our impact

As leaders in construction, we know the impact our work has on local environments. We’ve adapted our project procedures and frameworks to place sustainable choices front of mind.

Driving a circular economy

Our group collaborates to deliver sustainable solutions from pre-planning to delivery. We’re rethinking traditional supply chains, placing reuse and regeneration at the core.

It was great to have Sycle on site pushing the job and being flexible with plans to meet our requirements. We hope to not require your asbestos removal and abatement services again, but you will be our first call for any future works.
Jesse Collins
Director/Project Manager, Wellam Constructions

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