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Symal and Fleet have joined forces to support Ben Eccles, an up and coming young golf pro.

Performance has always been at the heart of Symal, and we’re excited to support local Geelong lad Ben on his journey to pursue a dream and succeed in the sport he loves.

Follow your passion

In a recent interview, we discovered the tremendous impact that this sponsorship will have on Ben’s professional growth.

“The financial support opens so many doors for me. Travelling to events will be easier, which will help my preparation for each event. This support will also allow me greater access to my team of health professionals, my trainer and my coach. It will allow me to get better physically, mentally and technically so I can play my best. These are the aspects of golf that are challenging to overcome without money. This support will take a lot of stress off my shoulders which will be the best thing for my golf. Looking forward to where it takes us,” said Ben.

Ben’s passion for golf blossomed when he moved to Australia from England with his family in 2006, when he was only 11 years old. He then began playing in junior state teams at 15 and steadily improved his game.

In 2015, he was honoured to represent Australia in the Asia Pacific Team Championship in Abu Dhabi. Just weeks after that momentous achievement, Ben turned professional following his win at the NSW Open as an amateur golfer. Since then, he has competed across numerous tours and in over 40 countries, striving to reach the pinnacle of his sport. That’s what we call making it yours!

We invest in people

From grassroots sports to helping pros like Ben rise the ranks, we believe in fostering partnerships today to create a better tomorrow. A shared passion also helps, with our directors recently returned from teeing off on the greens of Japan. While their handicap is a little higher than Ben’s, they know talent when they see it.

Symal Managing Director Joe Bartolo said, “We’re thrilled to support Ben and eagerly anticipate his incredible potential. With a genuine care for good health and wellbeing, we see the importance of taking time out to enjoy the things you love and value investing in people with the drive to follow their passion – as it creates endless opportunities.”

This partnership stands for more than a financial commitment; it symbolises our dedication to giving back and empowering individuals like Ben to chase their dreams. By supporting Ben and sharing his journey, Symal aims to inspire our own team and the broader community by creating a ripple effect that fosters connection, growth and excellence.

Back yourself and we’ll back you

Diversity is important to Symal, in our workplace with employees and those we support in sports. So, if you’re a budding sportswoman or know someone we could help achieve their potential – please reach out at brand@symal.com.au

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