Celebrating long term dedication

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Reaching the milestone of five and ten years with a company is a great achievement, demonstrating true dedication and loyalty.  

Symal is privileged to have a group of employees who have stood the test of time, reached these milestones, and left a mark on the company. We want to thank those who are part of the 5 and 10-year clubs. This year, we welcomed 50 new members to the 5-year club and celebrated 6 new members to the 10 year club.  

Our long tenure superstars possess a wealth of experience that cannot be easily replicated. Their commitment to Symal inspires colleagues and reflects the company’s supportive environment and rewarding opportunities for growth. Leadership are passionate about helping our people grow their careers and push what’s possible.  

One of our  10-year club inductees, Tom Watterson, has said something we can all relate to, “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. If you don’t find the time to do it right, you will find the time to do it twice”.  

Tom has grown with the company starting out as a site engineer and working his way up to the role of construction manager. “I’ve had fun throughout my journey with Symal, I first started working there were a dozen people, and I am still working with them now”. Together they have grown with the company and gained confidence in their careers.  

Symal employees, with a decade of service, have become invaluable, not only for their expertise but also for their mentorship and guidance. They have nurtured and inspired younger team members, contributing to a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing. 

Thank you, everyone, for joining Symal and staying with us for the ride.  

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