IWD 2023: Embracing equity with a spotlight on success

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Everyday we aim to create a work culture where everyone is supported in their careers. This International Women’s Day, we’re embracing equity.

We value diversity and appreciate the role it plays in brining different perspectives to our business and the industry to make it a better place. By encouraging fairness and inclusion, we thrive on seeing women at Symal succeed and inspire – now let’s meet a few!

Sandra Costanzo. Our General Counsel. Passionate advocate for women in the industry but tone-deaf singer (keep up your day job Sandra!). She’s the inaugural Directors Choice Employee of the Year for 2022 with extensive experience as a construction lawyer and the famous tagline ‘no comment’. Sandra truly is the cornerstone of our ambitious drive.

Then there’s Jessica Farenzena. Our brilliant Brazilian and all-around superstar Project Engineer. When she’s not onsite, she’s leading the charge at the Midsumma Pride March or mentoring next-gen industry professionals at Constructionarium then finding time to be a women in construction ambassador at the Sydney Build Expo.  Talk about impressive.

Last but certainly not least, Alex Holman. One of our amazing Site Engineers. She blazed through our Ignite Graduate Program in just 10 months, becoming the first person in the 2022 cohort to complete the program. Now, that acceleration has earned her a seat at our annual graduate alumni event. (not even our directors get to attend!)

From high achievers to highflyers, we support grassroot talent from the ground up. That came in the sponsorship of young Ava Jones who Symal helped achieve her goal of competing at the National Cheer Championships in the Gold Coast last year – fulfilling her dream and achieving success with her team coming runner up!

These exceptional women are just a glimpse of the many remarkable female talent at Symal who are driving change. Through their exemplary work, they serve as leaders for future generations aspiring to enter the construction industry!

We would like to extend our appreciation to those who champion equity through open dialogue, education, and active engagement within our organisation and the wider industry.

Together, we’re on the journey to make meaningful progress towards a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

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