Meet Ayse Ilanbey, our project delivery superstar

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Say hello to Ayse Ilanbey, an indispensable member of the Symal team, who’s been nominated for the esteemed NAWIC Project Delivery Award!

Recognising excellence in construction Ayse Ilanbey’s journey in engineering is nothing short of inspiring. With a passion for innovation and dedication to success, she’s a rising star making her mark.

Armed with a Bachelor in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering with honours, and a Bachelor in Business Management, Ayse’s multidisciplinary expertise sets her apart. Her practical experience began during university, where she delved into community-centric projects at the local council and expanded her technical skills on the Metro Tunnel project.

Ayse’s impact extends far beyond academia. As a key member at Symal, she played an integral role in the expansion of the Victorian International Container Terminal (VICT). As a Site Engineer on this multi-million-dollar project, Ayse’s leadership, professionalism, and keen strategic thinking were paramount in navigating complexities and delivering excellence.

Ayse’s approach is about more than just technical finesse. Her dedication to stakeholder engagement and transparent communication proved pivotal. She achieved remarkable efficiencies, cost savings, and program acceleration by nurturing relationships and fostering a collaborative environment.

Ayse’s inclusive leadership style transforms workplaces. She empowers her team to be their best selves by creating a culture where authenticity thrives. Celebrating birthdays and valuing diversity, Ayse’s impact reaches beyond projects, fostering a sense of unity.

Ayse’s legacy shines bright in the successful VICT Upgrade project. Expanding the port’s capacity by 30%, she has contributed to efficacy and competitiveness in the sector. Her positive attitude, relentless determination, and collaborative spirit set her apart.

Her achievements led to a well-deserved promotion to Project Engineer. Ayse’s journey exemplifies dedication, innovation, and the power of effective leadership. She’s not just building infrastructure; she’s building a brighter future for the construction industry.

Congratulations Ayse on your nomination for the 2023 NAWIC Project Delivery Award. Best of luck!

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