Celebrating First Nations culture

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In honour of NAIDOC Week each year, the Symal teams gather together for a Kup Murri – this being our third and best event yet!

The Kup Murri is a symbolic way for Wamarra, our Aboriginal-owned and operated contractor, to celebrate and share Aboriginal culture with non-Indigenous people.

The Wamarra team showed incredible comradery and dedication by getting up before dawn to prepare a shared feast that had been cooked in a traditional earth oven for hours beforehand.

Guests were welcomed to Country, by Corrina Eccles, on the lands of the Wadawurrung people with a traditional smoking ceremony at our Sycle facility in Avalon.

The cultural afternoon was enhanced with a performance by Nyereeka Ngitj (dance together) dance group local to the Geelong region and an interactive performance from Koori Youth Will Shake Spears.

‘For our Elders’ was the theme of this year’s NAIDOC Week, which made it feel even more significant to see First Nations cultural practices continue today. Ensuring the preservation of Indigenous heritage for future generations.

At Symal, we have a genuine commitment to inclusivity that extends to every project and program that we work on to benefit our shared communities.

Thanks to everyone who was part of our annual NAIDOC event. We look forward to continuing to share our ongoing  Reconciliation journey and building better together.

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