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On Monday, 20 May, Symal launched its brand-new female mentor program, Shine.

Shine participants attended a meet-and-greet networking event at Symal's Innovation Hub in Spotswood, where they were officially welcomed to the program by Symal's Human Resources Manager, Lorraine Reilly, who has been a passionate advocate for the program and instrumental in its development, and NAWIC representative Livon Joseph.

The Program, delivered in collaboration with NAWIC, spans 8 months and includes various components to foster personal and professional development among women in the construction industry.

Primarily catering for construction professionals with 2-5 years of construction experience, Shine pairs mentees with experienced mid-senior managers from other construction companies who will serve as guides and advisors as they navigate their career paths.

After connecting at the networking event, mentees and mentors will participate in a series of webinars where they will explore goal setting, behavioural differences, communication, and feedback. Additionally, there is a mentor/mentee-specific online workshop and group coaching pod sessions where mentees can address specific needs and network with peers.

The Shine initiative stems from Symal's commitment to embracing diversity and inclusion in construction, recognising the unique challenges women face in the field. By providing guidance and support, the program aims to help women develop skills, advance their careers, and contribute to addressing the industry's skill shortage. Ultimately, the program aligns with Symal's values of making a positive societal impact and setting an example for diversity and inclusion within the construction sector.

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