Wamarra expands Aboriginal employment opportunities in New South Wales

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The latest project commencement for Wamarra marks a significant milestone in our mission to foster Aboriginal employment opportunities and contribute to community development.

We’ve secured a major contract to undertake infrastructure improvements as part of the Roads to Home program for the New South Wales Government and the Griffith Local Aboriginal Land Council, solidifying our commitment to delivering high-quality projects while empowering Aboriginal communities.

The project, centered around the revitalisation of the Three-Ways Road network, embodies Wamarra’s dedication to creating sustainable employment pathways for Aboriginal people. With a focus on road resealing and infrastructure enhancements, this endeavour promises to enhance accessibility, safety, and quality of life for residents in the region.

Managing Director and proud Wiradjuri man Hayden Heta expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “This win represents a significant milestone in our expansion aspirations by delivering one of our first projects in Wiradjuri country. This is a step forward for Wamarra and our vision of empowering local Aboriginal communities in locations where we work by providing meaningful employment opportunities. We are proud to lead this project, leveraging our expertise while prioritising recruiting and training Aboriginal workers.”

Wamarra’s commitment to social responsibility extends beyond project execution. Through strategic partnerships with local organisations and educational institutions, including TAFE NSW and Yarpa NSW Indigenous Business and Employment Hub, we aim to provide comprehensive training programs and ongoing support to ensure the long-term success of Indigenous employees.

The ‘Roads to Home’ initiative aligns perfectly with Wamarra’s empowerment, sustainability, and community engagement values. By collaborating with stakeholders and embracing innovative approaches, Wamarra looks to deliver tangible benefits to our clients and local communities.

Griffith Local Aboriginal Land Council chairperson Stephen Young commended Wamarra’s efforts: “This partnership represents a significant opportunity for our community to access meaningful employment and skills development. We look forward to working closely with Wamarra to ensure the success of this project and its lasting impact on our region.”

As Wamarra embarks on this expansive journey, it remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence, integrity, and inclusivity. Through proactive engagement, responsible practices, and a focus on outcomes, Wamarra is poised to deliver enduring value to its clients, employees, and the broader community.

Together, let’s pave the way for a better tomorrow, one road at a time!

Read more at: Griffith paves the way for roads to home | Crown Lands (nsw.gov.au)

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