Alfred Health Indigenous Garden

Project completion February 2023
Location The Alfred Hospital
Client Alfred Health
Sectors Health, Community infrastructure

Alfred Health entrusted Wamarra with the Indigenous Garden project, nestled between the Main Ward Block and South Block at the Alfred. This initiative reflects Alfred Health's enduring commitment to fostering respectful community collaborations and creating a welcoming, culturally sensitive environment. The garden serves as a testament to their dedication, promoting inclusivity and cultural safety for all who engage with it.

Our responsibilities encompassed demolition, including tree removal, furniture and BBQ clearing, and landscaping removal. We also installed footings and pavement, conducted electrical, drainage, and irrigation work, and handled soft landscaping, including topsoil, plant, and mulch installation. Additionally, we installed furniture such as BBQ stations, seats, and tables, and replaced arbour roofing.

Throughout the project, Wamarra demonstrated skilled collaboration by efficiently tackling challenges alongside the Project Manager and Designers. Particularly, the team encountered an existing sewer pit on-site, leading us to propose innovative solutions to integrate it seamlessly into the paving design under the guidance of the designers.

A number of challenges with deliveries to the site and the designated work area were faced but despite the high-traffic environment, including constant ambulance movement, delivered were successfully managed. By using bulker bags, we safely transported all materials to the site, overcoming logistical obstacles with skill.

  • Wamarra
  • | Civil construction
  • | Hard and soft landscaping
  • | Health
  • | Community infrastructure

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