Cherry Creek Youth Justice Facility

Project completion May 2022
Location Wyndham, VIC
Client John Holland
Sectors Community infrastructure, Justice

The Cherry Creek Youth Justice facility, designed to accommodate 140 young males aged 15 - 18, boasts specialised units for mental health and intensive intervention. Situated southwest of Melbourne, it prioritises rehabilitation through innovative educational and rehabilitative programs, leveraging advanced technology.

Symal's involvement involved extensive civil works, including bored piers, stormwater drainage spanning approximately 3.5km, and road construction. Challenges such as environmental constraints and cultural sensitivity were carefully navigated, with the project site adjacent to Cherry Creek, requiring meticulous environmental management and adherence to Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) guidelines.

We encountered challenges related to environmental constraints and cultural sensitivity, particularly due to the proximity of our project site to Cherry Creek. As a result, we prioritised meticulous environmental management and strict adherence to the guidelines outlined in the Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP).

Throughout the project, we accomplished seamless integration with preceding project phases, juggling multiple trades effectively, and playing a big role in sustainability efforts. Symal showed leadership and flexibility by handling tricky vehicle movement plans, keeping the 3D Building Information Model (BIM) up-to-date across the site, and making sure we were in line with Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) requirements.

Plus, Wamarra, stepped in and made significant contributions by enhancing employee skills during the drainage installation phase.

Additionally, the team suggested and executed cost-saving measures like repurposing encountered rock and using recycled materials, highlighting their dedication to sustainability and effectiveness.

  • Symal Infrastructure
  • | Wamarra
  • | Civil construction
  • | Community infrastructure
  • | Justice

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