Bendigo Metro 3

Project completion June 2022
Location Goornong, Hunty and Raywood, VIC
Client VicTrack
Sectors Transport, Rail infrastructure

The Bendigo Metro 3 (BM3) project, a crucial component of the broader Bendigo and Echuca Line Upgrade under the Rail Projects Victoria Program, aimed to modernize rail infrastructure in the Greater Bendigo region. Symal was entrusted by VicTrack to oversee the construction of three new stations at Goornong, Huntly, and Raywood.

Symal's responsibilities covered a wide range of tasks, from managing design and construction to installing essential infrastructure such as entrance roads, carparks, station structures, ITS systems, communications, drainage, bus stops, and pedestrian pathways.

One of the project's notable achievements was Symal's effective management of community engagement, facilitating open communication and involvement in station opening events and community initiatives like tree planting days. Despite challenges like tight schedules and coordination with various stakeholders, Symal's proactive approach ensured the successful completion of the stations well ahead of schedule.

Symal also demonstrated its dedication to sustainability through endeavors aimed at minimising construction waste and implementing inventive construction techniques, including tailored station platform structures tailored to suit the soil and hydrological characteristics of the area.

Symal secured local indigenous employment through its partnership with Wamarra, bringing on Sam Sheldon as a labourer and was then promoted to team leader, leading the construction of the Raywood Train Station.

Symal's role in the BM3 project not only enhanced transportation infrastructure but also cultivated a shared sense of community pride and played a part in fostering sustainable development across the region.

  • Symal Infrastructure
  • | Wamarra
  • | Major and complex civil infrastructure
  • | Transport
  • | Rail infrastructure

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