Bulleen Road Temporary Diversion

Project completion December 2023
Location Bulleen, Victoria
Client Spark Consortium
Sectors Transport, Roads and freeways

The North East Link, Victoria's largest road project, aims to bridge the gap between the Eastern Freeway and the M80 Ring Road. Partnering with Spark CJV, Symal Infrastructure were tasked to construct the temporary Bulleen Road Diversion, including pavement removal, subgrade preparation, drainage installation, and utility relocations. This diversion was essential for facilitating ongoing traffic flow during the project's construction phases.

Symal successfully managed utility relocations, coordinating the realignment of electrical, communications, and gas utilities from Bulleen Road for the temporary diversion, ensuring timely completion and minimizing road closure delays.

Another critical aspect of the project was managing flood risks associated with the Koonung Creek, a Melbourne Water waterway. Collaborating closely with Melbourne Water and Spark, a new outlet was successfully installed using innovative methods to minimise disruption to the waterway and its ecosystem.

A highlight of the project was the Bulleen Road Blitz, a concentrated effort to complete extensive demolition, earthworks, pavement, stormwater, and lighting works within a compressed timeframe. This 24-hour, 14-day operation required meticulous planning to minimize disruption to the community and local businesses. Symal's proactive approach, coupled with clear communication and stakeholder coordination, ensured the success of the Blitz.

Additionally, we worked closely with Spark's Design Team to optimise construction methods and materials, resulting in cost and time savings. They leveraged innovative solutions like StormFlo, previously unused in roadways, to enhance drainage efficiency. Symal's strong engineering expertise and management support enabled them to contribute significantly to the design and quality aspects of the project, ensuring adherence to schedules and standards.

  • Symal Infrastructure
  • | Major and complex civil infrastructure
  • | Transport
  • | Roads and freeways

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