Kennett River

Project completion March 2023
Location Kennett River
Client Fire Forrest Management Victoria (FFM)
Sectors Waste, recycling and resources , Disaster recovery

In late March 2023, Symal swiftly sprang into action to assist Fire Forest Management Victoria (FFM) when a sudden wind gust dispersed fire retardant off-target, dousing homes, roads, and landscapes in vibrant pink.

Our emergency response entailed rapid assessment and close cooperation with DECCA, leading to efficient cleanup operations. We prioritised proactive community engagement, meticulous cleanup planning, local contractor collaboration, and rigorous safety measures.

This project not only minimised environmental repercussions but also upheld a rapid response and fostered enduring partnerships, showcasing our commitment to effective crisis management and community resilience.

  • Symal Contractors
  • | Disaster recovery
  • | Waste, recycling and resources
  • | Disaster recovery

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