Mt Scobie Flood Recovery

Project completion October 2022
Location Mt Scobie
Client John’s Lyng Group
Sectors Waste, recycling and resources , Disaster recovery

In October 2022, Sycle swiftly mobilised to aid the critical disaster recovery response to the devastating floods in northern Victoria's Elmore, Shepperton, and Seymour regions. Teaming up with the local Shire and client, John’s Lyng Group, we established a central transfer station at Mount Scobie in Kyabram to fill a significant gap in waste management following the flood disaster.

Facing environmental concerns from unsorted waste hastily sent to landfills, we took action quickly. Our focus was on efficient waste handling, including sorting, recycling, and treating flood-affected materials to minimise landfill use. By setting up a local temporary transfer station at Mt Scobie, we diverted waste from landfills and began recycling.

To mitigate environmental impact, we recycled materials such as sandbags, steel, and tires for future use. We also rescreened sand from 1.1 million sandbags and sent steel to recycling facilities, while flood-affected tires were designated for repurposing.

As recovery efforts shifted towards building waste, our facility adapted to handle materials like timber, concrete, and brickwork for sorting and recycling.

Engaging local contractors and providers from central Victoria enhanced our efficiency and supported local businesses affected by the disaster. The local community responded positively, with several contractors resuming their regular businesses thanks to our support during the recovery period.

Our disaster recovery project at Mt Scobie Transfer Station effectively tackled waste management challenges from the northern Victorian flood disaster. Through efficient waste sorting, recycling efforts, and collaboration with local contractors, we minimised the environmental impact and contributed to the recovery of the local community. Our commitment to thinking creatively and customising solutions for every project ensured the success of this vital disaster recovery initiative.

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