Geelong Asbestos Abatement

Project completion December 2023
Location Geelong, VIC
Sectors Waste, recycling and resources

Sycle has the right people and procedures in place to manage contaminated materials safely, with precision and efficiency on every project. We did just that at a new housing estate in Armstrong Creek.

Our dedicated asbestos team worked on the abatement of the non-friable asbestos from 5,000m3 of soil. Utilising advanced screening techniques, the team effectively extracted asbestos fragments from the soil. Once processed, the soil underwent a rigorous clearance procedure through independent approvals, under the mindful watch of our Asbestos Class B Supervisor.  

Reinventing waste is a strategic approach for Sycle.

Our commitment to meeting both EPA and WorkSafe's stringent requirements and compliance ensured the satisfaction of our client Wellam Construction, the land developer, and future homeowners. All round, a successful project outcome.

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  • | Civil construction
  • | Waste, recycling and resources

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