Pakenham Road Upgrade

Project completion Ongoing
Location Pakenham, VIC
Client Major Roads Projects Victoria
Sectors Transport, Roads and freeways, Bridges and structures

Symal has been awarded the principal contractor for Stage 1 of the Pakenham Road Upgrade, making this our first freeway project.

This project will provide infrastructure upgrades to the Pakenham community and surrounding areas, offering improved traffic flow, reduced bottlenecks and safer outcomes for all road users along with more walking and cycling options to the town centre.  

Our team at the Pakenham site has grown to around 200 people working collaboratively with the MRPV team and local contractors to successfully deliver the project.

With the project picking up steam, the team have hit some major milestones.

Back in December 2023, Mitchel Hose and his team kicked things off by completing the McGregor Road inbound exit ramp just in time for the Christmas holiday rush. The ramp used 7,508 tonnes of asphalt and 41,420 tonnes of import fill and 1444 linear metres of guardrail safety barrier were installed.    

Next up in January 2024, Damien Maloney's team got to work installing a dozen Super T Bridge Beams over the Prince Freeway. Each beam was a huge 62.5 tonnes and stretched 30 meters long! Thanks to some careful planning, the high-risk works were completed without an issue. 

Further progress was made with the temporary replacement of the Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road southern roundabout ahead of schedule. Alex Holman's efficient planning guaranteed the timely completion of this task, involving the removal of the existing structure and raising the ground level by 2 meters using 50,000 tonnes of soil and rock. 

March 2024 saw Nicholas Dimopoulas leading the charge on the foamed bitumen works, marking a big step forward in the project's innovative approach. Incorporating 26.60 tonnes of quicklime and 24.227 tonnes of bitumen, this phase covered a total length of 400 linear meters and approximately 7.8 meters wide. 

Looking ahead, the PRU team are gearing up for further advancements. Throughout April, overnight works will focus on demolishing the northern roundabout along Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road and preparing new temporary lanes for upcoming stages. 

Attention will then shift to asphalt inlay weekend closures planned throughout May, which will lead to the opening of the McGregor Road outbound ramp to the public. 

And, there’s so much more to come! By August, the team will be aiming to connect a new lane to a brand new bridge, with northbound lanes wrapping up soon after. And by November, the southbound lanes should be good to go. 

With huge progress made to the date, the PRU team are working hard to build better together, promoting smoother transportation, enhancing community infrastructure and elevating the overall well-being of the local community. 

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  • | Sycle
  • | Major and complex civil infrastructure
  • | Hard and soft landscaping
  • | Transport
  • | Roads and freeways
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