The Greenline Project

Project completion Ongoing
Location Birrarung Marr, VIC
Client City of Melbourne
Sectors Bridges and structures, Transport, Ports, Ports and marine

The Greenline Project is a transformative urban development project targeting the north bank of Melbourne's Yarra River, Birrarung. It aligns closely with the strategic objectives of both the City Council and the community, aiming to enhance the well-being of residents, workers, and visitors while preserving and promoting the ecological health of the river and its surroundings.

Symal's involvement in the project, specifically the Site One component, concentrates on enriching ecological diversity and habitat along the parkland edge. The project's objectives include introducing innovative boardwalks, enhancing the promenade, and establishing improved gathering spaces conducive to cultural activities and community events. These initiatives aim to solidify the area's role as a vibrant hub for celebrations and major city events.

In a joint venture with Wamarra, our scope of work includes a wide range of tasks essential for the project's success, including constructing boardwalks, installing lighting and electrical infrastructure, implementing stormwater drainage solutions, and creating various meadows and vegetation zones. Symal and Wamarra is also responsible for building pavements, footpaths, retaining walls, seating areas, and other structural elements necessary for enhancing accessibility and comfort for visitors.

With the project set to wrap up in December 2024, their perseverance and dedication are shining through, promising an exciting conclusion to this urban adventure along the Yarra River!

  • Symal Infrastructure
  • | Wamarra
  • | Civil construction
  • | Hard and soft landscaping
  • | Bridges and structures
  • | Transport
  • | Ports
  • | Ports and marine

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