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When communication and transparency on projects is everything, Jacinta Booth emerges as a standout, earning her a well-deserved nomination for the prestigious 2023 NAWIC Awards in Communication, Stakeholder, and Media Management.  

Despite never setting foot on a construction site before and being one of the first Communications and Stakeholder Engagement professionals at Symal, her passion and dedication shines.  

Committed to clear communication and empathy for communities impacted by our projects, Jacinta always finds ways to overcome complex communication to create a positive impact, utilises innovative and different means of getting messages across, including visual aids and VMS boards – she turns ordinary communication into powerful avenues for positive engagement. 

One standout achievement in Jacinta’s career was her pivotal role in the Hallam North and Heatherton Road Upgrade project, a significant milestone for Symal Infrastructure. In an environment where community engagement was a complex challenge, Jacinta’s benefits-focused approach left a lasting positive impact on the local community. 

Jacinta played a pivotal role in the Hallam North and Heatherton Road Upgrade project. This project was a milestone for Symal Infrastructure as our first major project for Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) under the Project Delivery Approach (PDA) model. Throughout the project Jacinta collaborated with the project team to positively engage and inform the community. 

From supporting local traders to orchestrating educational activities during NAIDOC Week, Jacinta went above and beyond to bridge gaps and strengthen community bonds. Her dedication to the community went above and beyond, including the coordination of a post-project community event to celebrate their patience during the road construction, which has resulted in enhanced infrastructure for the future.  

Jacinta’s impact goes beyond the professional realm with her dedicated advocacy for making the construction industry more inclusive through involvement in initiatives like the Midsumma Pride March and mentoring in the Women in Transport program underscores her commitment to diversity and equity. 

Jacinta’s outstanding accomplishments in communication, stakeholder engagement, and community-building make her a truly deserving nominee for the NAWIC Award.  

We commend her holistic approach to project management, dedication to diversity and equity, and unwavering commitment to community engagement set a high standard in the construction industry.

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