Meet Dan McKay, our champion for women in construction

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Project Manager Dan McKay has been nominated by Symal for the 2023 NAWIC Industry Ally Award.  

This new award category recognises males who actively champion gender equality and inclusion to advance the interests of women in the construction industry.  

Dan’s contributions to promoting gender diversity and inclusion in his work and personal life set him apart as an advocate for positive change, strongly believing we need to be the change we want to see! 

Championing women goes beyond mere words for Dan. He actively supports, mentors, and advocates for women, breaking stereotypes and promoting leadership roles. His dedication to fostering fairness and inclusivity sends a powerful message to colleagues, encouraging them to be more conscious of their roles in promoting gender equality. 

During his leadership on the Hallam North and Heatherton Road Upgrade project, Dan personalised his approach to create a positive and inclusive work environment – which initially involved one-on-one meetings with all 35 team members -ensuring everyone felt heard and valued. He empowered the women in the Communications and Stakeholder Engagement team to achieve exceptional results and set industry best practice standards. 

As part of the Symal Women in Construction Working Group, Dan brings firsthand knowledge and insights from a decade of experience in the industry that will help shape new policies and initiatives for the betterment of our workforce. His strong commitment to equality, equity, and an inclusive work environment is an inspiring example for promoting diversity and collaboration that drives success. 

Dan McKay’s leadership, dedication, and advocacy for women’s interests make him a standout nominee for the 2023 NAWIC Industry Ally Award. 

Good luck Dan! 

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