Ryan’s Corner Substation

Project completion May 2023
Location South-Western Victoria
Client Consolidated Power Projects
Sectors Energy and renewables, Big batteries

Symal partnered with Consolidated Power Projects to spearhead the construction of the Ryan’s Corner 132Kv Substation on behalf of Ausnet.

Our scope of work encompassed a wide array of activities, including the establishment of the entire GPG and Ausnet bench, as well as the meticulous installation of crucial structural components and services such as drainage, electrical systems, and earthing.

Navigating through challenges, notably the significant risk associated with rock removal during excavation, our team executed bulk excavation and processed approximately 20,000 metric tons of rock situated just 1 meter below the Full Supply Level (FSL). Our innovative approach streamlined the trenching and footings excavation process, ensuring efficient progress every step of the way.

  • Symal Infrastructure
  • | Civil construction
  • | Energy and renewables
  • | Big batteries

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