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It was a day to remember as rainbows flags, dancing and joy filled the streets of St Kilda when Symal took part in the 2023 Midsumma Pride March! 

Our Symal, Wamarra and Grampians teams joined the procession alongside over 10,000 LGBTI+ supporters to help build pride and celebrate gender and sexuality diversity.  

With big smiles and personalised Hi-Vis jackets we walked united while showcasing our individuality and uniqueness. Open hearts in every variety including kids and dogs were welcomed and marched to show Symal’s commitment to creating a better world for everyone, no matter their diversity.  

Project Engineer Jessica Farenzena said: 

“I’m so happy to have received such tremendous support from Symal Group whilst organising this event. I’m so truly proud of all my colleagues who not only showed love and support but took time out of their Sunday to join me on the Pride march for the first time. So grateful.’ 

The day was full of high energy and enthusiasm. By fostering partnerships that generate new and different ideas and perspectives, we help create a better tomorrow and a workplace environment where everyone feels valued and safe. 

Let’s raise our flags, our voices and our hearts in celebration of inclusion, respect and equality. 

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