Rangebank Battery Energy Storage System

Cranbourne, VIC
February 2024
RJE Global Pty Ltd
SectorsEnergy and resources
February 2024
Cranbourne, VIC
RJE Global Pty Ltd
Energy and resources

The Rangebank BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) is an industrial scale BESS located in Cranbourne West, Victoria. It will provide 200MW / 400 MWh capacity of reliable and flexible energy solutions.

Once fully operational, the Rangebank BESS will have storage capacity to power the equivalent of 80,000 Victorian homes for an hour during peak periods.

Our scope of works included, among other things, the installation of almost 11,000m2 of combi slabs, the concrete ground slabs that are designed to accommodate the battery units that will make up the BESS, and will consist of a combination of traditional reinforcing mesh and steel fibre concrete.


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